Long Time

It’s been a long time since I’ve written here, but during that time the little man has grown and grown. Today is the day before his surgery and somethings have been proven true: He’s more solid. The other day when I hugged him, I was aware that he wasn’t the little bird-boned man he was just a few weeks ago. Today when he wanted to let go of my hand while I was driving in order to rummage through his backpack. Little Man put my hand down on his thigh and started searching and I realized, I wasn’t holding my hand up anymore. I used to keep my hand from fully resting on his legs and chest because he had such small bones. Now he has built up some muscle (swimming/taekwando?) and has more solid structure (no idea where this came from he’s been eating only marginally well).

Today’s quote, “Today is National Ice Cream Day, but I prefer frozen yogurt. I want to eat healthy.”


Book Problem

Book Problem

Just been given a primer in monsters that ran the gamut from Plants vs. Zombies to Frankenstein’s Monster, all from Little Man, who now says that he is indeed afraid of monsters and while most of them are in the forest, like Frankenstein’s Monster, they can come into the house and listen to us and wander about at night. He’s seen them. He knows.

New Look

AjaNewLookLittle Man has glasses now! Here he is making a LEGO space ship while wearing his Tai Kwan Do uniform (most of it) and his new glasses. He let his sister wear his pants because she was in a skirt and had fogotten her uniform pants. He didn’t get to have a seperate lesson with the head instructor today because he wasn’t wearing his uniform; however, he didn’t have to do any extra sit ups or laps because of his good deed.