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We were looking at super efficient home building and saw that modular solar homes are far more efficient to make than stick houses. That led us here It looked pretty cool in that there are many options out there that we haven’t seen before. It covered many countries.

While looking through some of the sites, MetaEfficient came up It looks pretty intersting. The environmental Working group. Good Info Search for your shampoo …How does it affect your health? 

I was looking at this company:

They have pictures of their 99.9% steele free recycled ground rubber being used as mulch cover for pansies, shock absorber in horse arenas and children’s playgrounds. But is this really non-toxic?  It won’t leach or or harm people? What about causing knee problems for children and animals who spend more than incidental time on the product?

Here are some fun sites I found:

Activistas: It turns out that baby materesses are not good for the littles at all.

And here’s a site to look up toys for their safety. Do you have Sassy, Melissa & Doug, etc? check here to see what’s in the paint!

Washington state has ‘outlawed’ grocery bags. We now pay for the use of them in hopes that people will reuse them or choose an alternative.

Composting Toilets

on July-24-08

Has anyone tried one of these? they are waterless composting toilets. They claim not to smell, but I’ve never been in a composting, waterless toilet that didn’t smell.

We had a friend say that there was a new type of composting toilet that has a one year compost cycle, with several  composting compartments, and moved the internal midden pile as part of its rotation so you don’t need to empty it on a yearly basis. The idea was to make it as convenient as a septic, but still be a true composting toilet. Anyone know what that composting toilet might be?


on July-4-08

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