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Good News!


Fingers Crossed

There’s a whole world out there that’s taking me away from my night life. I’ve been writing the middle grade fiction novel for my niece, and it’s a manga more than a  novel…well, without an illustrator. Pacing and intellect level is high middle grade or low young adult and would work perfectly as a manga. And it’s fun, so hey, why not.

In my head, though, I found a murder mystery on Mars. I think it’s a middle grade, too, but it might be young adult. I need to look at the genre definitions  Since this isn’t a professional blog, I’m not worried either way. So if you made it here, welcome to the other side! Please don’t stalk my family!

After that I’m waiting on word from one of the Big Six on a sci fi novel -> If they take it, then I might not be able to continue writing that world, depending on the contractual terms. I’m a little nervous about that. I wanted to give the grandfather an out in the open background story. But wouldn’t it be cool to be directly picked up by a major publisher? I’m thrilled either way.

Remembering to take a few nights off a week is difficult. I spend 100%, or at least 90% of my daytime being MOM, and then have worlds to build at night. Playing a card game or a board game, reading a book (!) or finally watching 黒執事 would be awesome. But real life is so important! See friends, have fun.

On the big old bonus I’ve been able to exercise lately! Woot!

Stupid Crazy

We’re going so nuts getting everything done. Sometimes things, like blog updates, slip through the cracks. Sorry! So lately I went a whole two hours into Arc Rise Fantasia, and it’s still a grind and the lead female is so useless. Of course she’s the healer. What fun is auto battle? But that’s what I’m doing to gain experience points. I only have 20 minutes at a time to focus on pretty much anything, so that’s pretty good. Gone are the days  of Heroes for a day at a time. And movie marathons? No way.

In other news, the writing thing seems to be a go. Maybe I’ll keep at it. It’s hard to always respect something that’s not getting respect from “legitimate” sources, but as a fanfic writer  i had a pretty good legion asking for more. All it takes  is enough time to pull people in to reading what I write. Not a stretch, but not easy for someone who more naturally spends hours in front of a screen.

I can do the out and talking thing, but it takes more energy. I miss horses and the barn, but can’t find time or funds for it right now. Next year the farm starts up again and will change the available time structure more. Hopefully Aja will be potty trained by then, so we will have a bigger open time for me while he’s at school. It will be great to be able to play in the garden with Aja the same way we did with the little lady. She can learn so much from the seasons, things that are currently esoteric knowledge because it’s only paralleled in books. Even stores have strawberries in December.

50th anniversary at the Museum of Flight, Seattle. We met astronauts and saw cosmonauts, a wonderful meal and amazing achievements were the centerpieces.

Work, party, work party, playing games with friends, playing games with kids. Getting way to social on Social media. and taking risks with feelings by getting work out where people can see it. On top of that, brother’s death, 3 birthdays, thanksgiving this week and a fantastic family.

Life is crazy, but look at the fun we have.

Working…so hard…so much want!

dotaI’m kidding. I love it. I am really enjoying the process of investigating, outlining, and writing. Sooo much fun. You should try it sometime! Don’t get discouraged just because EVERYONE is writing a book. I’m serious. I bought a steampunk book at the local bookstore. The man behind the register struck up a conversation about the genre. Then he belts out, “I’m writing a book.” All you can say is, “That’s awesome. I really hope to read it sometime.” Becuase the poor man has kids and a full time job, I feel his frustrated desire to stay the best parent he possibly can, while at the same time needing to be creative in some way. And in my case, the need to move my body and make sure I stay physically active in spite of 5-7 hours a day at the computer. That’s probably what kids do best, right? But back to the point! There was a complaint in Hamurabi’s time that everyone wanted to work less and write a book. Nothing’s changed under the sun. Anyway, the point remains: I sincerely hope that the man at the register gets his book published, one way or another. I want to read it because he’s put himself out there. And I hope you read what I write too, like this next paragraph.

I can’t wait to play again! On my amazon waiting list: Tales of Symphonia, Last Story,  and Vallhalla Knights. Sure, there are lots of books and Eminent Domain, but I really want to play like I did 17 years ago! Oh, jeez, that was so long ago. on top of that, Ray brought home Dota last night 🙂 Oooh, that looks like so much fun. When I’m done with this round of editing, I’ll hve to learn to play it. Or maybe, steampunk. I love steampunk. And Halloween is coming. Gotta get something cool together. So much “want” so little time!

Self Examination

No one really wants their life examined. Certainly not. Those flamboyant personalities who believe they would like to have their lives observed are not being honest. We have moments we want to keep to ourselves. Whether it’s time spent reading or looking at the screen, or maybe time in the bathroom or the knowledge that when we sleep we’re really alone to sleep in safety. But here’s a small thought.

A long time ago, in junior high, I was in an advanced science class where a prerequisite for a grade was a completed science project. Every person in the class, fewer than ten students total, needed to produce or leave the group. My original project was with a fascinating topic: solar wind. How fascinating in the late 1980s! Think of the sci fi and science news (read in the latest issue of Scientific American or National Geographic) that was coming out at that time. Unfortunately, the instructor for my elite group pronounced the project too mathematically advanced for my abilities. I did an animal observation project instead and chose not to submit my project to the regional science fair.  It’s not as passive aggressive as it sounds. I kept pace, studied, produced, and was graded appropriately though pronounced a disappointment.

Later, for many reasons, I still did not attend school regularly. In high school I made up my class participation points through extra credit work. Not because I was a suck up, but because I could not pass my classes at my rate of attendance when active participation was a prerequisite. Math was still a challenge, in that my learning style lends itself to need visual and auditory representations simultaneously. This is all pre-YouTube, so there was no outlet for this need other than attending classes. I had two English teachers in high school who reacted to my extra credit in different ways. When it came out that I needed a day off for an AP exam, a teacher who I had for a couple years assumed it was an exam in her area and that she hadn’t been preparing me properly. I had dropped out of Academic Decathalon because of spotty attendance, and the instructor assumed that was the same reason I was in regular English classes. She was thrilled for my extra credit on whatever she assigned or whatever might occur to me.

The other English teacher I had at this school was interested in broadening my horizons. He stopped accepting extra credit based on science fiction, either writing or analysis. At the time I was mostly reading popular novels and the farthest I’d strayed in scifi was Micheal Crichton. I was broadening my horizons, in my opinion, by reading Nebula Award winners to assure myself that I wasn’t straying into some unimportant subclass of the genre. When a report on Ursula LeGuin’s Left Hand of Darkness was rejected, I gave up and went for the gold. The guys who were interested in me were reading full on fantasy novels, as was the girl who became my nearest friend. So I jumped in.

One day at the mall, I went from talking with my Axel Rose obsessed smoker friend and asked her to stop in at a book store with me. You know the one, every mall has one mall book store. She headed to romance novel,s and I went to the sci-fi/fantasy section. There was nothing passive about this choice. I found the most medieval looking cover I could, examined them enough to find the first in a series and picked a nice thick one. Who knew if it would be good?  Anyway, it was a big book and that was what I was looking for. I spent the rest of that mall trip getting flirted with by a sophmore from my school who I hadn’t previously known existed. He was hands-y and his mother was picking him up soon, so no big deal. Then getting spat on by some college student my friend whistled at and she hid behind me.

A couple week later, my sister had an away soccer game a few hundred miles away. I took my French text and this massive fantasy novel. The rest is history.

Want to play Skyrim

I just can’t get over the need to play a new game. I tried Heros Tribes again and am having a great time with it, but there isn’t’ the same as a running quest for accumulation with multiple lines like Fable or Heroes II before I figured out the way to win.

Looking for a new book world, too. I wanted to follow Richelle Mead into the depths of author hood because the idea of writing as present through Seth in the Succubus Series was very “available” as a person, but then Lindsay Buroker came into the geek world with Emporer’s Edge books and she’s very likeable as a geek author just trying to make her way. Good role models, actually.

Getting it together

Painted really late last night. Fell asleep on the couch feeding the baby afterwards. Got up at 3:30, hertofore known as redicuously early, and started sorting clothes. cuz’ you know, it has to happen sometime.

Piles look like this:

Nursing tops.

Undergarments : pregnancy panties, regular underwear, gads I’m big but not quite in pregnancy panties, stuff that goes under slick, tight dresses that I don’t wear anymore but, hey, I might someday.

Pregnancy clothes

Summer/fall shirts

Winter sweaters

Things to hang up

Overwhelming pile of pantyhose that may or may not have snags/runs


The clothes worn while pregnant, but not quite in pregnancy pants are of a different season than things worn while recovering from pregnancy. I’ve made this work by wearing skirts most of my pregnancies and recoveries. Recovery takes a YEAR. That’s a full year of changing seasons that I’m not in my regular clothes…which after two pregnancies and a recovery and a half are sorely out of style or full of holes because I wore them for two-three months and  never replaced the things that were damaged. I wasn’t wearing them, why replace them? Wheh. Is it the clothes or the sentence that made me tired?

So maybe when I’m done with pregnancy and recover entirely and don’t get pregnant again, I won’t feel the need for a dresser on top of the closet system we just installed.


shoe racks

The shoe racks with Kari’s Shoes.

box to go

The box that is full of shoes that are in good enough shape to be worn by other people.

The total Kari Shoe-age after paiing down, plus something other pair of barn boots.

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