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Goodbye Nala

Posted by kari on January 29, 2009
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Nala went to Washington to live with another family today. She’s a nice girl. We’ll miss her.


Posted by kari on January 29, 2009
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This was overhead around 3.00 today.

Snow and Ice

Posted by kari on January 26, 2009
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Just as we started pruning apple trees and moving manuer up to the garden, another snow storm came through! Then last night was about 20F. It might be hard to tell, but in the middle of this picture is an ice sculpture made by a broken water pipe. The crystals were lovely as they froze on tree branches.


Posted by kari on January 13, 2009
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Arun finished the horse stall and the milking stall has its main door on and an outer wall on top of the inner wall. This is great!

We lost poor Blackfoot, the last of our named chickens. The poor old girl was with us from our last house, and this winter was very hard for her. We’ll miss you, Blackfoot. The remaining chickens are free ranging-it while the big animals take over the far fields to stretch their legs after the long rainy/snowy month behind us.


Posted by kari on January 6, 2009
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The alpacas have found a friend in Brody. The horse is large enough to keep the evil llama overloards from asserting their dominance over the alpacas. Brody is so large, in fact, that he barely notices the alpacas taking food from his bowl or hay from his feeder.

Brody gets companions to graze with. Silly llamas just don’t play with him.

Barn Revisions and Alpaca Kisses

Posted by kari on January 5, 2009
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The barn continues, even as the snow does. We have three llamas, two alpacas, seven chickens and a horse sharing this space.  This week, we’ll put doors on the stalls and work out a schedule for the animals. The changes are amazing.

1000 pounds

Posted by kari on January 2, 2009
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A lot of barn work was comleted during the snow. We have only one stall pannel, the doors, and line of bars to install at this point. Each bar has to be individually installed exactly at the right length and width from the next bar, so it takes a bit to get them in.

Because of the snow, we had our wheel barrows stuck. They were full, and the llamas didn’t care. They just kept using the waste pile. Poor Arun filled the back of the truck cleaning out that barn and getting the bad hay off the ground. The truck was litterally on the bumpstops. Not a job we envy.

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