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Cow Comes Home

Posted by kari on February 28, 2009
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Cinnamon came home this morning. She rode in style. Like Maverik Man the alpaca before her, she made use of a family car. Did you know that a week old calf fits really well in a Honda Insight? We were pretty sure she would.

More pictures below the cut.

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Name That Calf

Posted by kari on February 24, 2009
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She was born on Friday. We were even able to see the afterbirth, we got there so near her debut. She will come home to us Saturday.

Hay Bunks for Sale

Posted by kari on February 21, 2009
Posted under barn

5×2.5×4.5 Behelen Country hay feeder/bunk(picutred left)


2.5×1.5×1 hay feeder

 Also, the not-so-barn-cat found a home. thanks!

Pruning Time

Posted by kari on February 21, 2009
Posted under weather

We’re running a little behind on the pruning this year, well for the last three years. This is the first year that we’ve really gone after the apple and pear trees. But this is the right time of year, so we’re going to do it! Let’s hear it for large fruit in 2009!~

Free Range

Posted by kari on February 18, 2009
Posted under barn, chicknes

The chickens have their own stall in the barn, one that opens to the near field. The near field used to be for female alpacas, but the Chickens are very happy with it.


Posted by kari on February 10, 2009
Posted under outsiders

As the one year old says.

The Way We Live

Posted by kari on February 6, 2009
Posted under kitchen

We’ve stepped it up a little bit. It’s the time of year to trim the apple trees. In our case, though, that is like major apple tree surgery. There are three years of neglect to counteract here. We haven’t touched the orchard except to pick apples.

In the kitchen, we went for the 22 qt. pressure cooker when a batch of chilli went beyond the previous pot. We needed on anyway, and this pot is large enough to hold two racks of mason jars come canning season. Good investment, even if it takes creative shelving to put the pot away.

Not So Barn Cat

Posted by kari on February 1, 2009
Posted under barn

This little girl was given to us to be a barn cat. After owning her for a full day, we believe that she’s not even an outside cat. She’s very affectionate and though she’s never seen the house, this is where she wants to be. It would be nice if she’d spend some time in the barn. Nicer if she’d get some of the mice.

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