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Working on the Food

Posted by kari on June 27, 2009
Posted under food

While Ray went to our favorite organic dairy/farm to help out with their chicken slaughter/dressing today Kari started the firstĀ cauldren of jam. With a little help from the littlest memeber of the family, we’re well stocked on plum jam for the year.


Posted by kari on June 20, 2009
Posted under chicknes, food

Ray has begun getting the weeds out of the garden. It’s had to wait a little bit, but just look at these results. We have more lettuce than we can reasonably eat. ( I will not be making cream of lettuce soup. I’d rather give away a couple dozen heads. Cream of Lettuce soup tastes like chlorophyll to me, anywya.) There are new broiler chicks in the barn. We’re not taking pictures since they won’t be with us long.

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