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Putting in the Time

Posted by kari on July 3, 2009
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The biggest challenge to living out here and keeping a real life with everything a real life has to offer is getting things done in a timely manner. Mother nature has her schedule, the boss at the paying job has a schedule, friends have schedules, and we all have a laundry list of items to get done each week, season, year. Some things start to slip. They might not be done right when they should. Like thinning the apple trees or putting down a new layer of gravel on the driveway. So we only weeded half the garden. *shrug* Things being the way they are, we chose the half that had veggies. It seemed a reasonable solution. We also haven’t been putting the big animals into stalls at night; this way we don’t have to clean any stalls but the chicken stalls. Besides, the big animals have a llama to protect them. Why won’t horses just run off coyotes already?

The biggest outside put-off item on the agenda this week was trimming the horses hooves. He’s got really good hooves. They grow strong and slowly. He only needs them rasped every few weeks to keep them down. But when other things take priority, the rasping might be skipped or forgotten. So today he needed the clippers as well as the rasp. Ray did a great job his first time trimming hooves. He’s always taken care of alpaca, llama, goat, and now cow feet, so really it expands his repertoire.

Ray also cleaned the barn, took the neighbor’s tractor into town and had beet juice put into the tires for stability and to top it all off, he made breakfast. A true Renaissance man.

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  1. Hey, Kari – you guys have really been busy. What a ton of tasks to have accomplished.
    Are you riding? Or is this Sashti’s first pony???
    We cancelled our annual appearance at the Berry Festival – didn’t want to stress out the alpacas in this heat (though it’d probably bother me more than them!)
    Been giving the alpacas a couple of showers every day.
    Happy Fourth to you all.

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