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Growing Season Begins

Posted by kari on February 22, 2010
Posted under food, weather

rubarbThe rhubarb and garlic are growing already! We’ve had such warm weather that today I was sweeping wasps nests off the roof and found a wasp. The nights have been very cold, though. there is no cloud cover at night, so we have a real risk of frost taking the buds off the apple trees and killing the garlic and rhubarb.

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  1. rhubarb, I’m jealous. I thought about it, but Logan says its leaves are poisonous. i made strawberry rhubarb jam last year and had it for the first time as well. it is SO good! I want to make some more and also make a pie. then i’ll invite kristy and jason to eat it and have a party. I worry about letting Liam play outside when he’s old enough and being stupid and eating rhubarb leaves. he’s already displaying “curiousity killed the cat.” children’s fearlessness fills me with fear. 😛

    and eek, i shouldn’t be online i hav eway too much to do. ^^;;

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