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On the Move. Farm 3.0

Posted by kari on April 25, 2012
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Barn!Step one:

find a new home for llama grove


You heard me. Well, we needed to re-home the groovy grove, so, step one completed. Completed-ish.

I can’t say that there will be llamas. But there is a barn. See at the right? That’s a barn, yo! Sure, it needs work, but we can probably live in it instead of the house if we ever need to. And who knows, we might need to. The house has issues that we can discuss later.

Step two. Yes, let’s move on to step two:

move in llamas ?? I can’t answer to that at the moment. There might be llamas. Isn’t that a really bad

book? We can promise chickens, and maybe a dog. The little man didn’t do so well with Walter, our neighbor’s dog, but he loves dogs. It took him a while to warm up to horses, so we might get a dog. A ratter for the barn?

But definitely chickens. Orpingtons are a must. They are very protective of their areas, they lay at least one egg a day for more of the year than most chickens, and they are bright and affectionate. At least ours have been. Maybe a luxury bird like a silkie again? tiny little egg layers are cute and this farm is smaller than the last two, so maybe mini-chickens are the answer.

houseThe farm house is more farm house than any Llama Grove farm house before it. It’s quaint and has barn siding inside. It’s awesome and scary. Let the remod begin! We can do this! Make it awesome! Any inspirational music out there? We could use it.

Let’s rething step two. Step two will be a garden this time. Let’s get some box planters and make an area for a green house to help the lack of CSA this year. Don’t worry. If you build it, they will come. The animals, silly.

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