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Posted by kari on June 24, 2012
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Who can say how much time and thought goes into landscaping. I have no idea. We had a landscape architect come to Llama Grove 2.0 and make a plan, but we moved before implementing this fantastic project. Now we are looking at the landscaping of the latest iteration of Llama Grove. It was created about 40 years ago, and has changed with the three known owners over the time since some of the trees were originally planted. So we spend about 2 hours mowing and more time weed eating the fence lines and area behind bricks where trees reside with weeds.

We had water tragedy lately. The basement flooded a couple times with torrential summer rains. Eventually we found that the primary downspout was taken off it’s pipe connection to the ravine when our roof was cleaned. Hooking it up helped the water issue in our basement, much to our relief as that’s where the library and children’s school rooms are.

In other water news, the Prius had water in its gas tank and has been in the shop for 2 weeks as the gas tank, indicator and who knows what else needed replaced. The riding mower and other gas powered things have similar problems, but the truck had more gas added to help that one out. The electric mower mowed as far as it’s cord would allow to keep the landscaping clean and neat, but the pastures are going to seed.

We’ll get the garage cleaned up soon, and be up and running in no time.

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