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Taunting Deer

Posted by kari on July 23, 2012
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Come here !The lack of critters in the barn is boring us all. Orion the cat had taken to walking up to deer. This is odd behavior. The deer are a little scared. Well they should be. He usually gives love pats on the head/leg to anyone who reaches down to sniff/pet him. It’s a trap. The closer he can get, the more cuddly he seems. Don’t reach down. He’ll get you.

The apples and pears are coming in large this year. This is our first year here, so I don’t know if this is a good yield. The branches are weighted, and we’re looking forward to pies, juice and more come autumn.

We continue to mow every week and a half or so, but it’s so wasteful to have so much good sugar-laden grass out there in the field with out a big animal on the field. Oh for the days of horses and cows, llamas and alpacas!

There are plenty of projects left to go. The greenhouse will have to wait for next year, but we got the barn stalls clean and ready to go. There is another stall door to buy and the water troughs we have left are alpaca/llama size, so we’ll have to upgrade eventually or continually water the animals. No, that doesn’t mean we’ll have animals in 2012. But it’s better to be prepared when we are ready to go than to have to put out a whole bunch of expenditures at the same time we bring in a pet.

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