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Posted by kari on May 14, 2008
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Here we have the scary before pictures. Yeah, though the farm will have it’s fated makeover, the before still exists. Here you go.

Front YardWhen coming down the driveway, this is what you see first.

The llama grove sign is painted from the same paints used in side the house. It’s colorful and happy.

You can see the mobile home in the center of the picture, the other side of the valley behind that. There are cow panels up to keep deer out of the garden, and a three-wire electric fence around the apple orchard because we use alpacas as lawn mowers in the front yard.




Follow the driveway past the garden and you can see down into the nearest field and paddock. This picture was taken August 2008, so there is very little forrage left in the field. Back Field





From the barn, here is a shot of the paddock. Behind all those thistles there is a lane to get to the neighboring field and the large back field.



House from the barn


Here is the house as seen from the barn. We feel that this is not the optimal view for this vantage. This view will be changed in the near future.


There is nothing wrong with Mariah. I woke her as she was sunbathing.

Turn back around and go through the gate, and you come to the back field. Farfield with alpaca boysI’m leaving this image very large so you can see the tiny alpaca boys on the trail that runs through the field. They are full grown alpacas and are there to help determine the size of the field.

Follow the path past the barn waste pile and you come to the trail down to the next road. The whole trail was backtrailonce an official road, but was gifted back to the property owners about 20 years ago. Lucky for us, it’s easy to maintain a pat to the next road.





And here yoleefallsu go. The end of the property at the next road.

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