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Posted by kari on March 20, 2009
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Though we said we’d try the cornish cross broilers, a little research proved that these are not the chickens for us. Any chicken that has to have it’s food intake monitored is not the right chick for a free-range, calf-pasture sharing bird. The side effects for not watching the feed ranged from the birds not being able to stand due to the weight of their breasts, to heart failure and a noted stupidity of the breed. So we’ll stick with our dual purpose layers and see how the year goes.

Cinnamon the cow has taken very well to her llama overloards. The llama ladies have shown a maternal side that had previously only been glimpsed when Mariah was indulgent towards alpaca cria. Now even tomboy pack llama Ursula is allowing the calf to try to suckle and none of the camelids spit at her. The horse is still routinely covered in spit, but he seems to ask for it. He’s indulgent in his own way, too. Yuri the Suri was spotted standing on his hind legs to eat from the horse’s feed dish, sharing breakfast.

Project for the weekend: Set up a chick area in the milk stall, maybe get the cupboards up in the feed area. Take time off if the weather is terrible. Get the fir trees trimmed back from stairs and garden areas if the weather is fine. Oh, and teach the darn horse some manners. He’s too smart for his own good.


Posted by kari on January 6, 2009
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The alpacas have found a friend in Brody. The horse is large enough to keep the evil llama overloards from asserting their dominance over the alpacas. Brody is so large, in fact, that he barely notices the alpacas taking food from his bowl or hay from his feeder.

Brody gets companions to graze with. Silly llamas just don’t play with him.

Snow and Shots

Posted by kari on December 26, 2008
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We had another day with snow, but also sunshine. Fortunately, our power came back online this morning. Not everyone is so lucky. We keep the snow off our mailbox, but it’s  been a few weeks since we’ve had waste disposal service. It’s a good practice not to rely on the garbage me, anyway.

What do you do when the sun is shining and there’s no power? innoculations, of course. The camelids are a little weary of us this morning, but they never remember the day before when there is food to eat today. Llamas are not so quick to forget.

Arun will work to get the barn completed as quickly as possible today. It’s not going to be too much longer before the snow is gone and so is our free pass to work on home projects rather than the work outside the house. Not only that, the snow is very nice to look at.

Aquisition of the llama kind

Posted by kari on December 12, 2008
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Nala has come to live with us. She’s about three years old and of the heavy wool llama variety. She will make a great companion for a horse or camelid in any field.


Posted by kari on September 11, 2008
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With one half of the workers gone, not much happens at llama Grove.  Even the llamas are bored.

New Fenced Field

Posted by kari on August 24, 2008

Goodbye Little Ones

Posted by kari on August 20, 2008
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We miss you already. Jean, Vista, Maverick be nice at your new home. Congratulations Jan and Tom on adopting these wonderful alpacas. I’ve never met sweeter alpacas in my trips to the North West’s Alpaca Ranches.

Jean Vista Mav


It is hot

Posted by kari on August 14, 2008
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Running Man

Posted by kari on August 5, 2008
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The boys came running in for breakfast.

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