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We’ll Miss You

Posted by kari on November 21, 2009
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As the rain continues, so does the exodus from the soggy barn. We’re very sorry to see them go, but without proper drainage, the barn is simply too wet for our animals to spend the winter. The French drain didn’t hold under the weight of the cows and horse.

Cinnamon, our juvenile milk cow, has found a new home where we hope she will be very happy. She is a sweetie who loves having her cheeks scratched and really only has one motivation in life: a little treat.

Leif the guard llama is auditioning for a 4-H family this weekend. We expect that he will probably find a new home Saturday.

Brody the horse is looking for a new home as well. He’s going to go stay with our friends and horse trainer to be keep company with other horses for a while. We’ll bring him back when we are able to do so or he will find some family looking for a wonderful Georgian Grande pinto who also have time to train him.

The chicken stall is still dry, so they will be able to stay safe and dry. 🙂 What’s  a life without our chickens?


Posted by kari on April 23, 2009
Posted under drainage, field, weather

All winter we fought the water. In some ways we were the clear winners: the barn did not flood.

In some ways it was a draw: we directed the stream that runs next to the barn. As long as we didn’t drive over it with the truck, it stayed in the path we made. Did I mention that the truck is the only way to get to the manuer pile in the winter?

Ray rented a trench digger, got some help, and dug 300 feet of soon to be subterranian paths for this water. A French drain was about to begin. The trencher didn’t like working in very wet soil so the water path and about 15 feet of the area North of the barn had to be dug by hand. The trencher was returned, the pipe has been purchased, now we are waiting for a dry day to continue work.

This is it! This will work. We will finally overcome the water!

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