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One Hard Weekend

Posted by kari on September 27, 2009
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WorkThis was one hard weekend. Ray took every gate off their posts and re-did their fittings to keep the horse from pulling the gates off their hinges. He also had to fix three stall door closures because the horse had been having a good time pulling on them to get at grain.

That and a few minor barn changes got us a far way to ready for winter. It looks like all that’s left is stall bedding material purchases and we’ll be ready for the snow.

In addition to all this work, Ray worked on the horses hooves and pulled out the chainsaw to take care of branches that were overhanging driveways and fences.  There was a fence post shorting out the electric fence, allowing the llama and one of the cows to repeatedly escape that needed fixed as well. The entire outer perimeter was walked just to check for shorts as well.

Caught Him

Posted by kari on May 28, 2009
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Lief the llama jumped a second fence to avoid the sound of the newest cow. He ran all the way out of town and was on the outskirts of the next town before Ray caught up with him. On the bright side, Lief hs proven to be a very good walking llama. He sticks to the roads and follows a lead rope without worrying about finding his own way. Ursula, the previous walking llama, was very headstrong when it came to walking.

Today Ray tried out the neighbor’s gas powered weed eater. It has an extendable reach and an attachement that will allow branch cutting. The engine is 4stroke, so it’s better for the environment. But it’s still gas powered.

The fences and walkways are now clear of grass and bramble.


Posted by kari on April 23, 2009
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All winter we fought the water. In some ways we were the clear winners: the barn did not flood.

In some ways it was a draw: we directed the stream that runs next to the barn. As long as we didn’t drive over it with the truck, it stayed in the path we made. Did I mention that the truck is the only way to get to the manuer pile in the winter?

Ray rented a trench digger, got some help, and dug 300 feet of soon to be subterranian paths for this water. A French drain was about to begin. The trencher didn’t like working in very wet soil so the water path and about 15 feet of the area North of the barn had to be dug by hand. The trencher was returned, the pipe has been purchased, now we are waiting for a dry day to continue work.

This is it! This will work. We will finally overcome the water!

All’s Well

Posted by kari on March 11, 2009
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With a sunny day, the ruminants all herded together and took over a field. Everyone is healthy and happy, except the people who intended to plow. It’s just as well, since we ran out of time…rain has its uses, even beyond keeping everything green.

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