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Llama Speak

Posted by kari on August 27, 2009
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sharinSomeone had asked me how to know what a llama or alpaca is thinking. Here’s a good example. This pictures is a llama, Lief, happily sharing his morning hay with Brody. They get along like that.

not sharingHere is a picture of what it looks like when the llama is done sharing. See his head? The neck is arched, ears back, lips in the air? The horse was soon covered with green, slimey spit. Of course Brody decided he didn’t need extra hay that much. It was a real surprise for the horse, since he’d very politely shared his own breakfast with Lief.

Sulight in the Storm

Posted by kari on March 17, 2009
Posted under chicknes, weather

With the onset of a storm, we realize that tilling should have been done back when we had that week of sunlight. Fortunately, today we had a short sun burst in the middle of the day. There was even a double rainbow to keep us company as we scurried about doing what we could. No, there was no tilling because the ground was too wet, but the animals had a nice time out.

The barn must be readied for a new group of chicks. We’ll be experimenting this year with cornish cross hens. For the first time we’ll bring meat birds on the farm.

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