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Working on the Food

Posted by kari on June 27, 2009
Posted under food

While Ray went to our favorite organic dairy/farm to help out with their chicken slaughter/dressing today Kari started the firstĀ cauldren of jam. With a little help from the littlest memeber of the family, we’re well stocked on plum jam for the year.

The Way We Live

Posted by kari on February 6, 2009
Posted under kitchen

We’ve stepped it up a little bit. It’s the time of year to trim the apple trees. In our case, though, that is like major apple tree surgery. There are three years of neglect to counteract here. We haven’t touched the orchard except to pick apples.

In the kitchen, we went for the 22 qt. pressure cooker when a batch of chilli went beyond the previous pot. We needed on anyway, and this pot is large enough to hold two racks of mason jars come canning season. Good investment, even if it takes creative shelving to put the pot away.

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