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Farewell, Old Friend

Posted by kari on August 12, 2012
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OrionWith a heavy heart, we say goodbye to Orion. 16 years young, he was the best mouser and most cuddly cat you ever met. Each person who met Orion was treated to a slobbery hello and a warm belly pet. The poor old man dissappeared while we were at the State Fair.

He was there to say goodbye as we got in the car, and he left a mouse in the strawberry bed for us to remember him by. There were wild animals in the vicinty, so he probably became prey to a larger animal.

We’re sorry to see the old man leave. He’s been with us since kittenhood, when we found him at a farm store in Tanque Verde. He was a sweetheart and a hard worker.

Not So Barn Cat

Posted by kari on February 1, 2009
Posted under barn

This little girl was given to us to be a barn cat. After owning her for a full day, we believe that she’s not even an outside cat. She’s very affectionate and though she’s never seen the house, this is where she wants to be. It would be nice if she’d spend some time in the barn. Nicer if she’d get some of the mice.

Mega Composter

Posted by kari on August 10, 2008
Posted under compost, recycling

We found a composter that can compost cat poo without any ill effects.

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