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Posted by kari on February 10, 2009
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As the one year old says.

Snow and Ice

Posted by kari on January 26, 2009
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Just as we started pruning apple trees and moving manuer up to the garden, another snow storm came through! Then last night was about 20F. It might be hard to tell, but in the middle of this picture is an ice sculpture made by a broken water pipe. The crystals were lovely as they froze on tree branches.

Snow and Shots

Posted by kari on December 26, 2008
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We had another day with snow, but also sunshine. Fortunately, our power came back online this morning. Not everyone is so lucky. We keep the snow off our mailbox, but it’s  been a few weeks since we’ve had waste disposal service. It’s a good practice not to rely on the garbage me, anyway.

What do you do when the sun is shining and there’s no power? innoculations, of course. The camelids are a little weary of us this morning, but they never remember the day before when there is food to eat today. Llamas are not so quick to forget.

Arun will work to get the barn completed as quickly as possible today. It’s not going to be too much longer before the snow is gone and so is our free pass to work on home projects rather than the work outside the house. Not only that, the snow is very nice to look at.

Snowed In

Posted by kari on December 22, 2008
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There were about 8 inches more snow last night.  It doesn’t look like we’ll be getting out today. Even the llamas don’t want to come out.

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Shortest day of the year

Posted by kari on December 21, 2008
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This is the back porch this morning.
We had a few of the higher temp days to melt some of the snow, but we’ve still recieved plenty to share. Read the rest of this entry »

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