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August 24 – September 4, 2009

Sep-7-2009 By crystal

Crawling, Standing and Smiling


Tobin is becoming more mobile every day!  He has perfected the art of crawling, pulling himself up to standing and melting Mommy’s heart with his smile (and everyone else’s) ! 
Here’s a few photos and videos.

showing off his new skill  P8300742

P8280736 smiling pretty for Mommy

  relaxing after a long day  P9050762

Click the words to watch some fun videos of Tobin from the past few weeks:


Playing with Mommy


Peekaboo with Daddy

Crawling (not indicative of his real crawling – he was teasing Mommy!)

August 10 – 23, 2009

Aug-23-2009 By crystal


Hello everyone!  I hope you are all doing well and enjoying some refreshing end-of-summer/almost-fall weather!  We’ve had another busy couple of weeks, but wanted to update you on Tobin’s newest accomplishments and happenings! 🙂

Tobin is now able to crawl, although we haven’t been able to get it on video yet!  He is getting better at it every day!  It’s amazing how much more mobile he is now.

He is also able to pull himself to a standing position in his crib, on the futon, or on any person who will let him.  🙂 

Here is a video of him when he first learned how to get to a seated position unassisted.  We were impressed with how quickly he mastered this new skill!

Tobin loves other babies and kids!   Here’s a fun video of him playing with Kaitlyn this weekend.  They were both so excited! 🙂

Here is an adorable video of Daddy tickling Tobin.  He is a giggle box these days, much to Mommy and Daddy’s delight!

Even though Mommy is still having a hard time leaving Tobin each morning to go to work, Tobin is really loving spending time with Grandma Boyt on Mondays and with his new babysitter, Sarah, the rest of the week.  He is such a good baby for them both!  Here is a picture of Tobin with another little girl, Carly, at Sarah’s house.  She helps take good care of him! 🙂 

Enjoying nature:  P8230760 

First “Big Boy” Bath:  P8230753   

See you next week! 🙂

Week of August 2 – 9, 2009

Aug-10-2009 By crystal

This was a very busy week between Mommy getting her classroom ready, Daddy starting his new job at Crowder, and Mommy’s best friend getting married.  Here’s some picture highlights to sum it up:

Tobin is very interested in whatever Daddy and Mommy are drinking, so we tried to let him drink out of a sippy cup.  He prefers drinking from our glasses instead! 

Here’s a picture of our handsome, big boy at Mommy’s best friend’s wedding.  He was so happy all day!

Here’s a family picture of us at Liz’s wedding.  It was a beautiful wedding, but a little warm! 🙂 

Lastly, here’s a picture of our happy baby sitting and playing.  As you can see, Mommy is a little protective of him with the pillows all around! 🙂 

We have some catching up to do!

Aug-2-2009 By crystal

I’m so sorry for the lack of updates in the past few weeks.  Things are getting pretty busy, but I will do my very best to resume our weekly wrap-ups to keep you all informed of the goings-on in Mr. Tobin’s world!

Here are the highlights in his life from July 13 – August 2, 2009:

On Tuesday, July 14, Tobin and I had a Parents As Teachers appointment.  His “teacher,” Ms. Karen was very impressed with his abilty to sit up, to roll both directions, and his crawling attempts.  After the meeting, Tobin went to lunch with Mommy and her friend, Ashley.  During lunch, Tobin made a terrible diaper all over Mommy!  While Mommy was gathering supplies to go change him, he decided to grab the salsa bowl and fling it, leaving salsa all over the table, booth and the clean side of Mommy’s shirt!  Moments like this Mommy has no choice but to laugh!!!  🙂

On Wednesday, July 15, Tobin became a big 5-month-old baby!  

On Friday, July 17, Tobin had another well-baby checkup.  He weighed in at 16 lbs. 8 oz. and measured 27″ long!  He had his first round of shots as well (Mommy and Daddy took a while to decide if they wanted to do them or not).  We’re not sure who cried more: Tobin or Mommy.  🙁  That evening, he began sleeping through the night!  🙂  He now goes to bed between 8:30 and 9:00, wakes up around 4 to eat, then wakes up for good around 7.  Mommy is so thankful for the extra rest!  (Daddy never missed any to begin with! ;))

On Wednesday, July 22, Tobin began sitting up completely unassisted.  He is doing so well with his balance! 

Tobin had an incredibly busy few weeks with lots of fun activities, including: swimming with friends, seeing animals at the McDonald County fair with Mommy, getting shown off and passed around at Mommy’s 10-year reunion, eating breakfast w/ Art, Vicki, Rubi and Dina, visiting all his loving grandparents and great-grandparents, working in Mommy’s classroom, shopping, and swinging solo for the first time.  Whew!  Also, Tobin has added some new foods to his diet: bananas, prunes, oatmeal cereal and squash.  He is also very interested in Mommy’s drinks and is pretty successful at taking sips of water from a real cup!  See why Mommy hasn’t had time to blog?! 🙂 

 swinging by himself

reading with Grandma 

 sitting pretty

posing with cousin Kylie 

 helping Daddy mow the lawn

playing with his blocks 

 How on Earth can this be comfy?  🙂

Lastly, here are some videos of his newest adventures:

Giggle Box:

Bouncing to the Beat: 

Crawling Attempts: 

Solo Swinging:


Week of July 6 – July 12, 2009

Jul-13-2009 By crystal

Fun with Family and Friends!

Tobin spend a lot of quality time with people this week.  He met some new (to him) family members as well!

On Monday, Mommy’s friend, Mandy and her baby, Kaitlyn came to visit.  They brought Tobin a bouncer that attaches to a door frame.  Oh boy, does Tobin love it!  He thinks that everything should bounce now, though!  That evening, Aunt Sharla came to stay the night and Tobin loved snuggling with her.

Tuesday and Wednesday weren’t too eventful.  Tobin and Mommy spent a lot of time indoors reading, playing and practicing crawling/walking.  Tobin spent a lot of time bouncing as well! 🙂  We took a long walk each evening close to dark. 

Tobin went swimming with his almost-2-year-old friend, Killian on Thursday morning.  They took turns floating in the turtle floatie and enjoyed splashing around in the Big Spring Park wading pool. 

Friday morning began an exciting day.  Tobin went with Mommy, Aunt Sharla, and Grandma Christie to Branson to visit some family.  Tobin met several new family members for the first time (cousins: Shanna, Levon, Makenna, Ryan, Jordan).  He enjoyed seeing the business of Branson through the car windows and in person when we walked around The Landing.  He particularly liked seeing and feeling the fountain in front of Table Rock Lake.  He was exhausted after the long day and slept the whole way home!


On Saturday, Tobin went with Mommy to visit her friend, Liz.  He instantly fell in love with Liz’s dog, Lilly.  He would get close to her face and reach out his little hands for her.  Lilly licked his toes and he cracked up!  He also laughed watching Lilly play “fetch” with Mommy.  I think he will be an animal-lover like his Mommy and Daddy!  When we got home, he spent some cuddling time with Daddy before going to sleep for the night. 

We enjoyed a belated Fourth of July celebration on Sunday at Pete and Anna’s.  Tobin was very content watching everyone and being held by many different family members.  He enjoyed a few of the fireworks, but fell asleep in the middle of the show.  We left before Daddy, Rubi, Ben and Zach begain their “bottle rocket war.”  Tobin will have to wait a few years to join in that tradition (never, if Mommy had her way!).  🙂

Lastly, we’ll leave you with another cereal-face picture of Tobin.  He has decided he likes rice cereal and eats it once a day! 🙂

A New Milestone!

On Monday, Tobin achieved a big milestone!  He began rolling over from back to tummy and tummy to back!  He was a little surprised at first, but now he is an old pro!  Every time Dan or I lay him down on his back, he immediately flops over to his tummy.  He really wants to crawl, but hasn’t quite figured out how to lift both his tummy and hiney at the same time.  He is really good at scooting though.  Here’s a video of one of his first rolls. 

On Wednesday, Tobin and Mommy visited a friend and her two babies.  Addy (2 years) and Bella (2 months) and Tobin loved spending time together.  Bella and Tobin even had a marathon crying session together in the back seat after lunch! 


On Thursday, Aunt Sharla stayed the night.  We went to visit another one of Mommy’s friends who just loves Mr. Tobin!  Tobin was not such a happy baby, however, as his teeth seem to be bothering him more and more.  None have popped up yet though!

On Friday, Mommy, Tobin and Daddy went to a Fourth of July celebration.  Tobin loved all the people-watching and enjoyed being passed around between family members.  Dan and I were excited to see his reaction to fireworks, but it wasn’t quite what we expected.  Dan put his fingers in Tobin’s ears, so the noise wouldn’t hurt him and he actually SLEPT through all of it!  As soon as the show was over, he woke up and was as alert as could be!

We went to a barbecue on Saturday night and enjoyed some more fireworks.  Tobin didn’t mind the daytime ones, but we put some protective gear on his ears, just in case! 🙂  Again, he missed the beautiful night ones because he crashed!  Maybe he will stay awake for them next year!

Sunday marked the end of an exciting weekend with another first.  Tobin tried his first taste of rice cereal!  He didn’t act like he liked it too much, but we’ll try it again next week and see if it grows on him. 

Check out what Tobin likes to do while Mommy attempts to read the paper:

Week of June 22 – 28, 2009

Jul-2-2009 By dan

First Road Trip!

Tobin, Mommy and Daddy had a great week together.  Here are the highlights.

On Wednesday, Mommy took Tobin swimming at the YMCA with his friend, Kaitlyn, and Mommy’s friend, Mandy.  The babies loved kicking their little legs in the water and splashing around.  Unfortunately, it began to storm, so we had to get out of the water earlier than we wanted.  Here’s a picture of the two cuties worn out before we went in.

Thursday evening, Grandpa and Grandma Boyt came over to visit.  Tobin enjoyed cuddling with Grandma and listening to Grandpa play the guitar.  Afterward, we all went to dinner together.  We had a nice time.

On Friday morning, Tobin went with Mommy, Grandma Christie (Mom’s mom), and Auntie Sharla (Mom’s sister) to visit Aunt Audriana (Mom’s sister) and Uncle Josh (Mom’s brother-in-law) in Weatherford, Oklahoma.  Tobin did such a great job on the five-hour drive, but he sure was happy when we finally arrived!  Throughout the weekend, we took a walk around the town, visited the wind turbines (Weatherford has 98 1.5 megawatt GE wind turbines) and spent a lot of quality time with family.  Tobin had a wonderful time, but was anxious to get home and see Daddy again!   

with Aunties and Mommy 
Tobin with Aunties and Mommy

inside a turbine blade
inside a turbine blade

We don’t have any new videos from this week, but here’s a flashback to one of our favorites from April 12 when Tobin was almost 2 months old.

(submitted by Crystal)

Week of June 15 – 21, 2009

Jun-22-2009 By dan

A Very Busy Week!

On Monday, Tobin became an official 4-month-old!  We began the day with a long walk to and around the high school track.  He fell asleep before Mommy had even logged one mile!  He loved seeing all curious things outside (like trees and cars) before taking his morning nap in his stroller. 

On Tuesday, Tobin and Mommy spent a lot of time indoors out of the humidity and high temperature.  We read lots of books together, played with toys, and did some cleaning.  Tobin even humored Mom when she played “Peek-a-boo” with him by giving her lots of gummy smiles and some adorably sweet laughs!


Wednesday, he went shopping with Mommy and one of her friends who has a baby 3 days older than Tobin.  He’s never been around a baby so close in age to him.  They both seemed to be pretty intrigued with one another and were very well behaved during the long day of shopping.  Tobin loves people-watching, so the mall was a fun place for him to be.  Here is a picture of the two babies, after the spree!

On Thursday, Tobin went to lunch with “Papa” Thomas with Mommy.  He slept through most of the lunch, but woke up in time to put in some drooling time on Papa before he went back to work.  He has a way of making people smile at the pile of drool he leaves behind!  That evening, Tobin went with Mommy to the Y.  He loves watching the other kids there while Mommy sneaks in a little exercise.

Tobin got to spend some quality time with Grandma [Becky] Boyt on Friday while Mommy redeemed her massage coupon (Mother’s Day gift from Daddy).  He had a wonderful time with Grandma reading, playing with toys, and enjoying being outside in “the big, green world.”  That evening, he got all dressed up and went to a wedding with Mommy and Daddy.  He was so quiet during the ceremony and really showed his cute personality during the reception.  Everyone gushed at how handsome and alert he is. 

On Saturday, Tobin took his first camping trip!  We loaded up Mommy’s Honda and drove to Eureka Springs to meet some of Mommy’s family at a campground.  Daddy set up our tent, then we went for a swim.  Tobin loved floating in his new turtle toy and spending time with his big cousin, Kylie.  Next, we all went to a Powwow.  Tobin was mesmerized by the colorful costumes and interesting sounds.  He even tried to do some Native American dancing of his own!  Tobin slept soundly on the way back to camp and while Mommy and Daddy visited family around the campfire.  He woke up for his midnight meal and seemed a little confused about the tent situation.  However, he calmly drifted to sleep after being reassured by Mom and Dad that it was “OK” to sleep in a tent.  🙂  He slept soundly throughout the night.


Finally, Sunday was a very special day.  It was Daddy’s first Father’s Day!  Tobin got him a framed poster full of pictures of Daddy and him and a card that Tobin wrote in with only a little help from Mommy.  We enjoyed an afternoon visit from Dina, Rubi and Zach.  We spent the the remainder of the evening relaxing together and being thankful for the wonderful memories we’re making.

(submitted by Crystal)

Four Months Old & Loving Life

Jun-14-2009 By dan

Welcome to Tobin’s Blog!  It has been a long time coming and I know Crystal and I are going to regret not starting this earlier.  Better late than never though.  We’ll try to make up for lost time by mixing in some of his best pictures and stories as we go.  This is our first attempt at blogging so if the formating looks cheezy for a while, bear with us.  Now on to the important stuff!

He has been growing quickly and is picking up new skills every day.  Last night he “walked” for the first time in a wheeled walker.  He can also stand while holding on to someone’s fingers and if you pull him forward a little he’ll put one foot in front of the other for a few steps.  Stand up practice is a great way to get him to stop crying when he’s fussy since he forgets everything else and concentrates on staying upright.

Tobin is also grabbing at objects and is playing with some of his rattles and other simple toys.  You can check out videos of him playing and talking at  It’s worth the time!

Hope you are all doing great!