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Sad to Say

Posted by kari on November 13, 2009
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hailIt’s hard to see, but the insanely wet and cold weather we’ve had gave us our first hail this week. Unfortunately we’ve been getting over an inch of rain each each day.

The really sad thing about this is that our barn flooded again! Horses and cows are too heavy for french drains.

Because of this and our lack of time, we gave up our beef cow. He’ll have a gret time with the cows in the new pasture he’s going to live in, well, for a while. He is a Jersey Angus cross steer, so he’s not really slated for a long life.


Posted by kari on September 22, 2009
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somuchhayBehold the cleaned up hay area. There are bins below with feed, hay above and filling the farthest stall. We thank Kieth and Juliet very much for manning the hay elevator for us. It was kind of them in the extreme.

Everyone was womred, since we had frost a few day s last week. Today was over 100, though. What’s up with that?

Posted by kari on March 20, 2009
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Though we said we’d try the cornish cross broilers, a little research proved that these are not the chickens for us. Any chicken that has to have it’s food intake monitored is not the right chick for a free-range, calf-pasture sharing bird. The side effects for not watching the feed ranged from the birds not being able to stand due to the weight of their breasts, to heart failure and a noted stupidity of the breed. So we’ll stick with our dual purpose layers and see how the year goes.

Cinnamon the cow has taken very well to her llama overloards. The llama ladies have shown a maternal side that had previously only been glimpsed when Mariah was indulgent towards alpaca cria. Now even tomboy pack llama Ursula is allowing the calf to try to suckle and none of the camelids spit at her. The horse is still routinely covered in spit, but he seems to ask for it. He’s indulgent in his own way, too. Yuri the Suri was spotted standing on his hind legs to eat from the horse’s feed dish, sharing breakfast.

Project for the weekend: Set up a chick area in the milk stall, maybe get the cupboards up in the feed area. Take time off if the weather is terrible. Get the fir trees trimmed back from stairs and garden areas if the weather is fine. Oh, and teach the darn horse some manners. He’s too smart for his own good.

Free Range

Posted by kari on February 18, 2009
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The chickens have their own stall in the barn, one that opens to the near field. The near field used to be for female alpacas, but the Chickens are very happy with it.

Not So Barn Cat

Posted by kari on February 1, 2009
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This little girl was given to us to be a barn cat. After owning her for a full day, we believe that she’s not even an outside cat. She’s very affectionate and though she’s never seen the house, this is where she wants to be. It would be nice if she’d spend some time in the barn. Nicer if she’d get some of the mice.


Posted by kari on January 13, 2009
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Arun finished the horse stall and the milking stall has its main door on and an outer wall on top of the inner wall. This is great!

We lost poor Blackfoot, the last of our named chickens. The poor old girl was with us from our last house, and this winter was very hard for her. We’ll miss you, Blackfoot. The remaining chickens are free ranging-it while the big animals take over the far fields to stretch their legs after the long rainy/snowy month behind us.

Barn Revisions and Alpaca Kisses

Posted by kari on January 5, 2009
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The barn continues, even as the snow does. We have three llamas, two alpacas, seven chickens and a horse sharing this space.  This week, we’ll put doors on the stalls and work out a schedule for the animals. The changes are amazing.

Shortest day of the year

Posted by kari on December 21, 2008
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This is the back porch this morning.
We had a few of the higher temp days to melt some of the snow, but we’ve still recieved plenty to share. Read the rest of this entry »

There Was a Story

Posted by kari on November 19, 2008
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Do you remember the story about the shoe maker’s work being done by beings that snuck into his house in the night? We have something like that going on in our barn. Only it’s not elves or gnomes, but Ray and a great friend.

If you look very closely, you can see work being done well after dark. This is so exciting!

Construction continues

Posted by kari on November 16, 2008
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Neither rain, nor flood, nor cold weather can stop barn contruction this year. We’re out of room, almost out of time, and definately out of excuses!

As you can see, we had a bright and sunny day. The holes have been in the barn long enough to fill with rainwater from the very long storm we had. We want to get the goats in by the end of the year, so Ray’s doing his best to get the stalls up and ready for our newest animals. The goats will be only after the chickens in our sustainability attempts.

Cold Out This Morning

Posted by kari on October 9, 2008
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We have to start brining in the llamas to the paddock at night. It’s wet and cold. The Pacific Northwest Winter is just getting started.


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