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Ready to Go!

Posted by kari on April 6, 2010
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closetCome on Spring! Bring that warm weather and beautiful veg. We’re ready for you! The spices are all organized and the last of last years sarkaut and pickling is done! When will the snow end? When will the sun come out? Will we be making our own apple juice or will we have to buy it? We’re ready for you growth. Come get us!

The top shelf of the pantry is kombucha, vanilla, ginger ale and other fermentation jars, the next shelf down is all spices, the next shelf is a combinaiton of baking needs, coffee and emergency cans of stuff we might not have been able to stock up on. the final shelf is flour, cane crystals, etc. Oils on the ground, more spices hanging on the door. We are so ready!

The Way We Live

Posted by kari on February 6, 2009
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We’ve stepped it up a little bit. It’s the time of year to trim the apple trees. In our case, though, that is like major apple tree surgery. There are three years of neglect to counteract here. We haven’t touched the orchard except to pick apples.

In the kitchen, we went for the 22 qt. pressure cooker when a batch of chilli went beyond the previous pot. We needed on anyway, and this pot is large enough to hold two racks of mason jars come canning season. Good investment, even if it takes creative shelving to put the pot away.

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